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Clinical Laboratory Educators' Discussion List (formerly CLS Educators Listserv)
  • CLS Educators Listserv
    • NAACLS participates in the discussion on the Clinical Laboratory Educators' Discussion List.
 1.     To join, address an email to the following: LISTSERV@LIST.APSU.EDU
2.      Your email must originate from the email account you are trying to subscribe.
3.      Leave the subject line blank.
4.      In the body of the email, enter the following: Subscribe CLSEDUC YourFirstName YourLastName
5.      You must type the Subscribe message exactly as it appears above.  Do not include any other text in the email.
6.      Be sure to remove all other text, including any email signatures.  Additional text will cause your request to be rejected because the system will not recognize anything other than specific "commands."‚Äč